NURTUREart’s Brooklyn gallery presents a full season of group and solo exhibitions each year. A large majority of these exhibitions are organized by emerging curators and artists whose proposals have been submitted to one of our free open calls, and selected by a rotating guest panel of art world experts—curators, gallerists, writers, and other art professionals.

The final form of each exhibition represents the efforts of our staff to collaborate with both curators and artists, ensuring that their participation widens their professional experience and offers exposure of their work to the artistic community. NURTUREart also reserves space in its exhibition schedule for in and off -site special projects and exhibitions. Our bi-yearly open-call to video artists (Videorover) also translates in pop-up exhibitions, installations and workshops featuring the works of the selected artists. Once a year, the gallery also hosts our Project Curate education project, featuring an exhibition conceived and organized by a group of public school students (coordinated by a guest curator or artists).

Since 2011, NURTUREart has also experimented with large, thematic programs, usually produced during the summer months and curated by the Executive Director and Curator.

In the summer of 2012, the gallery hosted …Is This Free? Curated by Marco Antonini, this project consisted of three sequential exhibitions, consisting almost entirely of artworks, ephemera and publications conceived and produced to be freely distributed. Historically relevant pieces loaned from private collections were presented side by side with contemporary work, including a series of project-specific artworks commissioned to emerging artists. …Is This Free? also included two side projects: Lawn School (curated by Megan Snowe and Rachel Steinberg), a series of free outdoor classes on various topics of practical and theoretical interest and …Can I Take This? (curated by Megan Snowe), a regularly updated bookshelf of free publications that became an integral part of the gallery exhibitions. A book of interviews, email exchanges and contributions on the topic of “Free” art was published in conjunction with the exhibition.

In 2014 our ambitious, multi-venue exhibition Multiplicity: City as Subject/Matter presented an international survey of artworks sharing an interest in the politics and poetic potential of contemporary urban environments. Consisting of 4 overlapping gallery exhibitions and screenings, Multiplicity exposed the irresistible pull of the similarities—intercultural meeting points, common problems, goals and dreams—around which people converge. The project was presented in New York as a series of four consecutive exhibitions hosted by NURTUREart, Mixed Greens, INVISIBLE-EXPORTS and Union Docs in the Summer of 2014 and it garnered us unprecendented critical praise, with positive reviews appearing on the New York Times, Modern Painters, the L magazine, Art F city, Motherboard et. al. The series will also be documented in a book produced by NURTUREart in collaboration with The British Council.

Our most recent end of the year catalog (2013/14 season) is available here

NURTUREart's 56Bogart St. gallery. Photo credit: Etienne Frossard