This is the unveiling of a completely new registry with many exciting features. We aim to create a unique online resource of both emerging and underrepresented artists and emerging and independent curators, which will directly feed the exhibition program in our gallery.

There are three kinds of accounts to suit the needs of different types of users: artists, curators and viewers. Choose the one that fits you best or make more than one for your multiple personalities. Artists can upload unlimited numbers of artworks and organize them into thematic portfolios, list all of the standard information plus have generous space to talk in detail about individual artworks or bodies of work. Curators have the opportunity to use this soon-to-be-filled-with-wonderful-artwork database as a powerful research tool for future projects and make profiles about themselves and share their own work by creating online galleries documenting exhibitions they have previously curated. Both artists and curators also have the ability to post upcoming events which display on their own profiles and in a collective events page on the registry home page. Viewers and curators can save online collections of artworks they are interested in and everyone can recommend artists and curators they are impressed with—instead of a computer algorithm just telling you what’s similar to what you’re already looking at, we will have our own community of human art experts making real, ear to the ground recommendations.

Thank you everyone for your patience while we worked long and hard on this project, we are thrilled to welcome back all the artists who were in our registry before and all the new friends finding us now. If you had work in our old registry, from 2011 or earlier, we are very sorry but all previous data is gone, this is a complete, from scratch rebuild (with much higher security and back up contingencies), so everyone needs to begin again fresh with a brand new profile.