Now accepting artwork submissions for our upcoming Project Curate exhibition at NURTUREart Gallery.

Exhibition dates: May 27 – to June 26, 2016.

NURTUREart’s Project Curate is a yearly curatorial course with students of Juan Morel Campos High School in South Williamsburg. This year’s team of students is organizing an exhibition with guidance from Claire Mirocha and Vanessa Thill. Mirocha and Thill collaborate under the name Sorry Archive, a platform for exhibitions that use narrative elements and format-based constraints to produce an ever-shifting series of events. Rather than focusing on a thematic prompt, the team is considering emotionally charged objects as an entry point into a larger discussion of art objects and the stories they tell. 



Dear you,

I’m at a petting zoo – you know, one of those ones you can visit on a farm. attacked me and left me with , but I got inside the pen and shaved them. The more I have, the more I’ll get from my wig business.

As punishment for misbehaving today, Mom and Dad took away my and threw at my face. My sister took photos, which I sold on Ebay to pay for . Now that I can make a doll out of , I can get to marry me.

I’ll be home soon. You’ve been a lifelong friend, but now I need your help.

P.S. Send me !



Project Curate would like to invite artists to submit works to our open call.

  is something important to us, an object of pride, value, nostalgia, and/or fear.  We are accepting submissions for new artworks, pre-existing works, or found objects in response to our letter.

Artists working in all media are encouraged to apply.

What is

Please include:

  • JPG file(s) of your work, or a description of a proposed work that does not yet exist
  • A document with all artwork details (title, date, medium, dimensions)
  • A brief statement that includes or refers to the story above
  • CV or biography with a link to your website (if applicable)

Send submissions to: by March 21, 2016 at midnight.

Project Curate



Questions: please contact Molly O’Brien at

We look forward to reviewing your submissions!